Small Foot Safari Ludo

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A safari feeling on the game board! With this wooden game of Ludo, the goal is to be the first person to get your savannah animals into the "little house". The extra-large die indicates how many spaces your game piece can move forward. The zebra, giraffe, crocodile, and elephant figurines are true to the originals and have child-friendly designs. Children will playfully learn to count with the number of dots on the die. It's a classic game of Ludo in a trendy design and a compact size. This fun parlour game teaches kids to happily deal with both winning and losing equally when playing with the happy little animals, and is therefore a must-have in the game chest!

Approx. 26 x 26 x 1 cm; figure 3.5 x 1 x 2.5 cm

Recommended Age: 4 years+