Playmobil Farm Animal Enclosure (70137)

£6.00 £9.99

The small animals feel particularly at home in the cosy Farm Animal Enclosure. Hamsters and rabbits jump happily around and enjoy the fresh carrots the children have just brought them. The children are even allowed to stroke them to say thank you. The play set contains cute hamster and rabbit figures, two children's PLAYMOBIL® figures, an enclosure, food for the animals and other accessories.

Figures: 1 girl, 1 boy Animals: 2 hares, 1 young hare, 3 guinea pigs Accessories: 6 fence elements, 1 tree trunk, 1 rock, 1 grass, 2 green fodder, 1 bucket, 1 water bottle, 1 set of carrots, 3 carrots