K'Nex Model Building Set 15211

£15.00 £24.99

Guides to many models provided within the set alongside dozens more online. Kids can touch on Science and Technology when designing the seaplane, telescope, motorcycle and countless more combinations.

This engineering set helps strengthen fine motor skills, manual dexterity and problem-solving as well as introduce fundamental STEM principles like angular shape, trial-and-error and weight.

395 pieces allow for up to 60 different possible assemblies using the online guides, but kids can always use their imagination to create their own designs, encouraging problem-solving and creativity.

Perfect for encouraging children to work creatively and independently, these kids craft kits are ideal for children aged 7 - home-schooler construction fun happens with a simple snap of the fun-coloured rods and connectors.

  • Model building set by K'Nex
  • Set includes 395 building pieces and instructions for over 60 different models
  • This set is a great STEM educational toy
  • Suitable for ages 7 years+