Lite Brite Ultimate Classic


Create beautiful art with Lite-Brite Classic from Basic Fun! Inspired by the most iconic packaging style through the years, this new retro version combines the best of the original with new updated features for the best glowing peg play ever.

Lite Brite was the original creator of combining peg art with light and is still the leader. Now with newly designed round pegs which shine brighter than ever and battery-powered LED lights which are easier to operate and generate little to no heat, enabling children to let their imagination run wild as they play and create.

Draw your own cool designs with the brightly shining pegs, or use one of the templates with interesting designs to create amazing art. When you're finished, why not use your creation to decorate your room! Or simply start again and create a new design, thanks to the mess-free, reusable features of this glow drawing board.

A great way to encourage children to use their imagination while they develop their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and cognitive development as they play and create their favourite designs.

Designed to easily store away and take on family road trips or car rides, so children can create beautiful pictures that glow where ever they are. All Lite-Brite toys include pegs and design templates to get you started.

Suitable for ages 4 years+

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)