Junko Zoomer Master Kit

£28.00 £36.99

Turn your household recycling into imaginative cars that zoom!

Dream up and make your own working toy vehicles using household junk with the JUNKO Zoomer!
(This kit can be modified to whizz on water to with a JUNKO Water! Kit)

This is a challenging (in a good way!) educational and developmental toy which will makes thousands of toys. As kids play you’ll see how quickly their design and construction skills evolve… and how satisfying they find it to make their own original creations.

With JUNKO hands-on learning, young inventors will work with different materials and hone their design and construction skills, they will also be experimenting and learning about elasticity, friction and magnetism. And they get their own original toy to play with… life doesn’t get much better than that!

The extendable 4-wheeler frame fits around all shapes and sizes of junk, it even contains hidden rare-earth magnets to hold your model in place.

It’s super speedy with a bonkers pull-back & let-go rubber band drive.

Plus, there are clever re-usable J-FIX clips (some with rare earth magnets) to make card structures and attach pots, tubs ‘n stuff like that using less tape and glue.

Made in the UK from recycled plastic and designed to last, you can use your JUNKO Zoomer! Kit again and again…heck young creators can make a new toy every day if they want!

76 piece master kit

Recommended age 6-10 to adult!