Junko Build Kit

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The JUNKO Build! Kit helps kids make whatever building they can dream up: castles, dolls’ houses, or even a space fort!

This kit is our biggest collection of our genius J-FIX connectors which join up all kinds of junk make strong structures easily and quickly. And they mean you’ll lose way less tape and glue, which is a bit nicer for the planet. They are completely reusable and many use hidden rare earth magnets so they can be moved around until your building is spot on!

This is a developmental and educational toy. It’s particularly good for adults and kids to do together, certainly to get started, as those essential skills like planning, measuring, cutting safely and accurately can be passed on. Once you get kids going, you’ll be amazed at how accomplished they get as they use their JUNKO more… and how satisfying it is to make something truly original, versus just following a load of instructions for a kit that makes one thing.

Learning to think and problem solve and work with waste materials, each with different properties, is really good for children’s development, that’s why junk modelling is part of the UK school curriculum.

And the best bit… young creators end up with a toy to play with, a toy that they understand and can keep improving and adding to.

JUNKO is made in the UK/EU from recycled plastic and packaged in plastic free packaging.

AND…the hinges glow in the dark… hey, why don’t real houses have those?

You just need to add junk, imagination…

Recommended age 6-10 to adult!