Biobuddi Pixel & Create Starter Set

£27.50 £34.95

BiOBUDDi Pixel and create is the newest way to show your artistic side!

These sustainable blocks is produced in the Netherlands and the toy blocks give you the freedom to make all kinds of different creations in 2D and 3D. It guarantees days of pixel fun. Combine this starter set with different pixel colours such as Red, Brown or Yellow. 

Show your artistic side

With this starter set, you can get started with Pixel and Create. It guarantees days of pixel fun. The starter set consists of 1500 environmentally friendly pixel blocks, a remover, 8 different example cards, 4 construction plates, and 4 coupling pieces.

Make a cool frog or funny parrot

Pixel and create is a fun way to let your creativity run wild. The example cards are an easy way to create fun structures, for example, you can make a cool frog or a funny parrot. When you have built all the example cards you can get started with your own ideas.

Go pixel today

Every set of Pixel and Create always comes with a handy block remover so you can easily get all blocks off the construction plate. The pixel and create is fun for young and old with a recommended age of 4 years and older.

What is included in the pixel and create packaging?

  • 1500 pixel blocks in the colours white, black, yellow, orange, light green, dark green, brown, pink, purple and red
  • 4 building boards
  • 4 coupling pieces
  • 1 remover
  • 8 idea cards

High-quality organic toys

BiOBUDDi products are designed and made in the Netherlands. BiOBUDDi produces high-quality organic toys. To guarantee the quality, the toy brand closely monitors the production process. All products are made in the Netherlands. The basis for our BiOBUDDi products comes from an unusable part of the sugar cane plant.